Getting Started

Your first step depends on what type of application you're planning to create and which NeoFM/FTP features you'll need - local file management, FTP or both. Regardless of whether you're working with files located on a local drive or a remote FTP server, NeoFM/FTP uses the term "connection" to describe each file system. Before you can do anything, you must "connect" to the file system you want to access. Once connected, you can view directories, copy files, create folders, etc. A local file system connection, such as your computer's hard drive, can simply be opened. Connecting to a remote file system, such as an FTP server, is a little more complicated. First, you will need to have access to an FTP server. If you have your own website hosted by one of the many web hosting companies, you have a suitable FTP server. Second, you will need your FTP user name, password and host address.

Opening a File System Connection

Special Variables

Special Subroutines

DISCLAIMER: If you are operating in a corporate or organization environment, you must obtain permission from the server/website administrator or IT administrator before attempting to process files with NeoFM/FTP or any other tool. Please be extremely careful if you are experimenting with a live, mission critical website, server, workstation or stand-alone PC. It's certainly possible for someone who doesn't know what they are doing to accidentally delete important files or otherwise cause serious damage.